Fire Rated Ductwork

Airmatic work alongside Firemac to manufacture Fire Rated Ductwork.

Fire mac

Why Airmatic?

Only a handful of Fire Duct Manufacturers also design ductwork so it puts us in a position to not only supply to existing drawings, but to size and specify your systems.

How we Manufacturer?

Having investigated multiple methods to manufacture fully compliant Fire Ductwork, we have joined forces with Fire mac. Fire mac is a coating applied to heavier gauge ductwork and complaint with

BS 476: Part 24: 1987 (ISO 6944 – 1985).

Fire Rated Ductwork

Fire rated integrity

1 hour FM260

2 hour FM120

4 hour FM 240

Built to Medium Pressure DW144

Fire Rated Ductwork

More information on Fire Rated Ductwork coming soon but in the meantime, call us and speak to Robert Seed our Design Engineer with your questions