Ductwork Manufacture

As specialist ductwork manufacturers, we’re accomplished in creating bespoke ductwork in a range of sizes and thicknesses. Due to our industry experience and highly skilled welders and fabricators, we have developed a large portfolio of prestigious clients such as, Rolls Royce, Johnson Matthey and British Aerospace (BAE)

Ductwork used in ventilation and extraction systems

Ductwork is used in a large variety of ways and suits many applications. Here at Airmatic, our ductwork manufacturers specialise in the creation of mild steel and stainless steel ductwork and fittings. We also provide ventilation and extraction systems which utilise spirally wound ductwork and clip ductwork.

Paper trim ducting

Paper trim ductwork

Ductwork Design

Airmatic have a highly skilled design team with a wealth of experience in projects that utilise ductwork. Typically our design engineers would attend site and asses such things as airflow requirements, surrounding environment, operating temperature and extraction requirements before passing their ideas to our ductwork manufacturers. Our design engineers have worked on many projects and have often enabled customers to save on system costs and ongoing maintenance by designing bespoke ductwork fittings that are fit for exact purpose.

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Welding and fabrication

Airmatic have a team of expert welders who apply the appropriate method of welding depending on the specification of the job. We use MIG and TIG weld methods in the manufacture process of ductwork as well as a range of priming and finishing methods. In addition, we use our state of the art laser cutter and CNC folder to manufacture. We can also supply ductwork galvanised after manufacture

Stainless Steel Ductwork

Airmatic- experience

  • Clip ductwork for dust extraction
  • Spiral ductwork for Battery fume extraction
  • Fully welded ductwork in mild steel and stainless steel


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