Ventilation and Ductwork

Since Airmatic was set up in 1998, we have been on a mission to become the best ventilation company in the UK. We have spent years of hard work practicing and learning the craft, in order to be able to deliver the best service and expert opinion. Our team of skilled professionals design, manufacture and install anything and everything from stainless steel ducting, to a bespoke ducting system, at the best prices.


Our skilled team of fabricators, expert welders and engineers have designed and installed the highest quality bespoke ductwork to a number of prestigious clients such as, British Aerospace and Rolls Royce. Our bespoke ductwork can be designed to fit any requirements, ranging in a number of sizes and thickness, which our design engineers will calculate on site. The perfect ductwork design will be different for every client, and will be calculated and designed based on extraction and airflow requirements, the industry operating temperature and the surrounding environment.

Stainless Steel Ductwork:

As a leading ventilation company in the UK, we pride ourselves on our expert knowledge and understanding of ventilation and ductwork. One of our areas of expertise is the stainless steel ducting system, which is favoured over galvanised and mild steel for its durability in various conditions. These conditions include temperatures and environments that are exposed to harsh, corrosive chemicals. All of the welding techniques and metal grades used by our design engineers are unique to the requirements of our clients, and the environments they operate within.

Ventilation Systems:

 In line with HSE legislation, employers must provide safe working conditions for their employees. As a ventilation company, our aim is to provide fresh, clean air in the workplace. Every work environment is unique, so we believe that every ducting system and ventilation system should be designed with every individual client in mind. Whether you’re looking to retain a safe temperature to work in, or need to extract any harmful fumes from the air, there is a ducting system to suit your company’s needs.


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If your company is in need of a new ducting system, or if you would like to find out more information about the ducting solutions that Airmatic provides, then you can call us on 0161 764 4004 or email us to get your quote today.