Fume Extraction Systems

Airmatic’s highly specialised team of engineers can offer a wide range of fume extraction solutions. Our turnkey package includes design, manufacture and installation and encompasses a wide and varied range of processes across many industries.

Fume Extraction is essential in Industry

fume-extractionMany industrial processes can generate harmful dust and fumes. Essentially any operation where a material is physically altered in any way has the potential to produce harmful fumes and fume extraction should be an issue high on the agenda of any company that performs processes such as painting, welding or gluing. The airborne residue created by solvents, paint fumes or welding bay fumes can be extremely harmful and range from mild watery eyes and runny noses to more serious tight chests, breathlessness and chronic effects to the central nervous system. Fume extraction systems are a necessity to any businesses that do these kinds of jobs on a regular basis.

Solvent Fume Extraction

Some solvents are less hazardous than others but they all create problems in the workplace. They all carry potential risks and different people have different tolerances and reactions to different solvents. Solvent fumes can be created during curing and cleaning processes, they are normally colourless but have a very strong scent that can easily be detected. Exposure to solvent fumes must be avoided at all times and the best way to do this is to have a correct, fully functional, fume extraction system.

Paint Fume Extraction

Painting also creates dangerous fumes. Depending on the type of paint being used there are a number of potentially quite harmful substances known as volatile organic compounds or VOC’s. These can be up to 10 times more concentrated indoors than outdoors and come bringing a wide variety of both short and long term negative health effects from headaches and dizziness to memory impairment and kidney/liver damage. Carbon filtered fume extraction systems are specifically designed to capture these harmful compounds so they do no damage to people or the environment.

Welding Bay Fume Extraction

Welding bay fumes come with a whole other set of issues. There will be people who don’t get ill at all, some may be ill for only a short time with problems such as pneumonia and others may get permanent illnesses like asthma. The fumes given off by welding and hot cutting processes is a varying mixture of airborne gases like nitrous oxide (NOx), carbon dioxide (CO2) and carbon monoxide and very fine particles that create a cloud of metal, metal oxide and flux (if used). A suitable fume extraction system should be provided from either floor and/or bench level with filtered air intake to ensure that these gases and fine particles do not get inhaled.

The benefits of choosing a Fume Extraction System

  • The circulation of fresh clean air in the workplace
  • More control of workplace hazards
  • Improved health and wellbeing on site leading to increased productivity
  • Limit of damage to machinery and goods

The key features of an Airmatic Fume Extraction System

  • Bespoke system design
  • Can Integrate into existing extraction system
  • Fabrication expertise
  • On site manufacturing
  • Fan and filter design/calculations
  • Air Quality Monitoring and LEV Service available

Make sure you choose the right Fume Extraction System

Contact our team of experts to discuss your requirements and for more information look at this handy section on the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) website as it reiterates the importance of your compliance with clean air standards.