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We have a genuine passion for supporting our community when it comes to tackling the environmental impact of poor waste management. We weave this drive into our work with recycling and waste sites, to assist them in continuing to make a difference and provide recycling solutions. We find that problems within waste processing and recycling flow itself are often overlooked during planning and construction stages. This is why we offer and recommend odour abatement studies as soon as we are asked to consult on a project.

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Problems facing waste recyclers

We have identified the biggest problems that waste recyclers face in which we can provide a solution:

Odour: The smell from the waste itself is unpleasant if not disposed of or recycled correctly

Fumes: From the chemicals used to treat or clean elements on-site and the chemicals used in the process of turning waste into energy

Dust and particulates: Created during the process and pose health risks

Noise: Machinery use and waste depositing

Heat and humidity: Ignited through the use of steam generators


In recent years, government legislation and subsequent penalties have put increasing pressure on local authorities to recycle and reuse household waste.
This has resulted in a huge amount of investment in the recycling and waste sector. Consequently, there has been a surge in demand for the construction and improvement of recycling facilities and energy-from-waste (EFW) recovery plants.

The energy-from-waste plants use an anaerobic digestion process to take in huge amounts of waste each day. This comes from a variety of sources including general household waste, animal by-products and industrial waste. It’s then broken down to produce biogas and biofertiliser as an eco-friendly way to process waste.


Airmatic odour extraction services are essential in the construction and maintenance of waste-to-energy and waste recycling. We work with specialist odour consultants to offer a solution to odour problems on such sites.

A basic odour extraction solution can comprise of many methods and designs, but they all encompass some of these key elements:

Carbon Absorber which uses activated carbon to absorb odours

RTO (Regenerative Thermal Oxidisers) to burn the odour



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Project Director

Athol Cameron

I can say I was very pleased with the installation Airmatic did for us on our odour abatement project. The design of the system quality of ductwork and the installation was first class all delivered on time and on budget.

Project Manager

The Airmatic team excelled in the delivery of our Vapour Extract system. Their stainless steel extract system was expertly manufactured and installed to a high standard

Project Engineer

Gerry Maher

Can I compliment you and your guys for an excellent standard of work, it puts an existing system manufactured by others to shame. Thank you also for your efficiency in delivering as promised, I know where to go for any future requirements

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