What is the Difference Between Air Conditioning and Ventilation?

March 27, 2018

A picture of ventilation when it comes to the difference between air conditioning and ventilation.

When it comes to finding a solution for your business, the question of what to choose and the difference between air conditioning and ventilation is often one that causes confusion. After all, what’s the difference? With such a dilemma, appropriate research and assessment of your business needs are necessary in order to make the right choice.

The wrong choice could have a big effect on your business and so understanding the difference at this early stage is vital, as it will save you both time and money in the long run. With that mind, here are the primary differences and advantages of both for your business:

Air Conditioning

The major difference between air conditioning and ventilation is the fact that air conditioning does not use an external source to function, in most cases. Instead, air conditioning takes the air already inside a space and heat or cool it, depending on your settings. It will then recycle the air back into the room. This will be continually repeated until you have either a warm or cold room.

This means that harmful toxins, pollens or other air pollutants are not removed from the air and are simply cycled back into the room periodically. As such it often the case that air conditioning is more appropriate for shops and non-industrial workspaces, which do not rely on a system to ensure the air in a space remains as safe as possible,


Ventilation, in comparison, works on a much less of a cycle basis. Your ventilation system works to purify the air inside your workspace. The air comes from outside, mixes with that indoors and then removes air as well. This is a different cycle of extraction and replacement. For workplaces with air pollutants, strong smells or even few windows, this is an ideal setup as it allows better overall airflow.

The real benefit of ventilation is that the overall quality of air in your workplace becomes much better. Leading to a healthier, more productive, workspace.


The difference between ventilation and air conditioning is a common misconception, as many people believe that there is very little difference on the whole. However, the difference between the way the two systems work can have a huge impact on your business depending on your needs.

On the whole, the way your air moves in your business space may not be a pressing concern. However, in terms of productivity, the health of your workers and long-term prosperity of your business it can actually have a bigger impact than you might expect.