12 May 2017

The Importance of Duct Maintenance in the EfW Sector
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Duct Maintenance in the EfW Sector

The EfW sector (Energy From Waste) produces numerous hazardous gasses, such as methane and carbon monoxide and hydrogen. The hazardous areas which contain the gasses require special attention and the correct ventilation to make both the inside and surrounding areas safe. Correct ventilation systems are imperative within these hazardous areas, as they ensure a safe working environment for all employees and also reduces any pollutant damage to the surrounding atmosphere.


Proper maintenance:


It’s often the case that construction companies and building managers will overlook the importance of ventilation systems when the area is being built. This can cause problems for companies in the EfW sector, and prior to installation, ventilation systems need to be given due diligence and attention, to ensure that they sufficiently and successfully remove the toxic gasses from the work environment and provide fresh clean air for employees.


The welding, design and materials used in the ventilation systems have a huge impact on how effective they are. When taking toxic gasses into account, it is important to consider using stainless steel ducting, as it is non corrosive and won’t need to be replaced or require regular maintenance. The overall design and substance of the ventilation system will have an impact on how safe it is, so vigorous risk assessments and safety processes need to be conducted throughout the process.    


Compliance and duct work:


Companies who essentially change the state of any material, run the risk of creating chemicals and gasses which can be hazardous to their employees. It’s imperative that these companies understand the importance of ventilation systems and the roles that they play. High quality ventilation systems with fire dampers will also be capable of preventing fires in industrial factors and stopping them from spreading.

As The renewal energy that is produced by EfW plants begins to rise in the UK, the importance for employee safety and proper ventilation will become more prevalent. It’s important for companies within the EfW sector to comply with all of the safety regulations and practice ventilation maintenance and regulation.

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