Odour Extraction Ductwork and Acoustic Solutions

Recycling & Waste

Design, Supply and Install or specialist solutions for the Recycling and Waste Sector.



Key Facts about the waste sector

In recent years government legislation and subsequent penalties inflicted on Local Authorities across the country has put increasing pressure on them to recycle and re use house hold waste. This has resulted in a huge amount for investment in the Recycling and Waste Sector and a surge in the construction and improvement of recycling facilities and energy to waste recovery plants.

These sites take in huge amounts of waste each day from a variety of sources including general household waste, animal by products and industrial waste.

Odour, Noise, dust and humidity can be a huge issues and waste companies face a huge challenge to provide high quality indoor and outdoor air and provide ambient humidity and temperatures.

In response to the growing industry, Airmatic have put together a specialist range of services to help supply a high standard of Indoor and Outdoor Air Quality.

  • Odour Extraction Ductwork
  • Dust and Fume Extraction systems
  • Acoustic Solutions

This type of extraction is essential in the construction and maintenance of waste to energy and waste recycling. Airmatic work with specialist Odour Consultants to offer a full solution to odour problems on these types of sites.

Odour Extraction Ductwork

We manufacture a large range of bespoke stainless steel ductwork, fans, filters to extraction the odour in these areas.

Stainless Steel Ductwork for Waste Site

Stainless Steel Ductwork for Waste Site

Dust and Fume extraction

We supply dust and fume extraction ductwork to safely ventilation areas inside the building to allow a safer working environment for operatives.

Acoustic Solutions

We design and manufacture specialist acoustic enclosures, in duct solutions such as silencers to reduce noise pollution both inside and outside the factory area.

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