Odour Extraction Ductwork

Why is Odour Extraction Needed?

Odour extraction systems are a fundamental part of many industrial businesses, including warehouses and waste processing sites. They offer a form of air pollution control to eliminate odour, helping to improve the overall air quality inside and outside the workplace.

Our odour extraction systems are particularly favoured by recycling and waste businesses, who will actively look for ways to include them when designing and constructing their site.


What Does an Odour Extraction System Include?

A basic odour extraction solution can comprise of many methods and designs, but they all encompass some of these key elements: 

  • Carbon Absorber – which uses activated carbon to absorb odours.
  • RTO (Regenerative Thermal Oxidisers) – to burn the odour.
  • Biofilter
  • Scrubber

…plus many more.

Bespoke Odour Extraction Ductwork

The odour extraction systems also include industrial fans to pull air through and extract it straight into the atmosphere. Crucial ductwork is used to connect the systems together. This ductwork is usually fully welded with stainless steel, but it can be plastic if needed. We manufacture a large range of bespoke stainless steel ductwork, fans and filters to extract odours, working with you to establish which is best for your business.

odour extraction system

Recycling & Waste

Odour, noise, dust and humidity can be major issues for waste companies. At Airmatic, we can design, supply and install our specialist solutions for the recycling and waste sector. They face a challenge to provide high quality indoor and outdoor air, as well as ambient humidity and regulated temperatures. We have put together a specialist range of services to help supply a high standard of indoor and outdoor air quality including:

We also cover different types of waste processes, predominantly those which turn waste into usable energy. This method of waste management is sustainable and environmentally conscious.

Energy-from-Waste Recovery Plants

In recent years, government legislation and subsequent penalties have put increasing pressure on local authorities to recycle and reuse household waste. This has resulted in a huge amount of investment in the recycling and waste sector. Consequently, there has been a surge in demand for the construction and improvement of recycling facilities and energy-from-waste (EFW) recovery plants. 

The energy-from-waste plants use an anaerobic digestion process to take in huge amounts of waste each day. This comes from a variety of sources including general household waste, animal by-products and industrial waste. It’s then broken down to produce biogas and biofertiliser as an eco-friendly way to process waste.

Our odour extraction services are essential in the construction and maintenance of waste-to-energy and waste recycling. Airmatic work with specialist odour consultants to offer a solution to odour problems on such sites.

Odourless Gasification

On larger sites, we can install odour extraction systems that can also be used as back-ups on sites that use cutting edge technology such as odourless gasification. The odour extraction systems would come into effect as a temporary solution when the systems are being maintained. Typically this is used around 4 weeks a year.

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