Dust Extraction Systems

Airmatics highly specialised team of engineers can offer a wide range of Dust Extraction Solutions

We have years of experience in applying our extensive knowledge to fix difficult problems with dust in the workplace. We can design, manufacture and install a wide range of tailor made dust extraction solutions tailor made to your industrial setting. We can fit full dust extraction systems into new builds for a complete solution and we can add to an existing dust extraction system. In a lot of cases we have produced significant cost savings on dust extraction due to our turnkey package.

Dust extraction ductwork

A typical Dust Extraction System handles the movement of dust via ducting to a filter unit, the use of pre filters such as cyclones are also sometimes required to catch the heavier material and the system would usually comprise of appropriate fans and other controls depending on the dust and environment. Our skilled, experienced team have designed a varied amount of Dust Extraction Systems over the years in numerous applications such as

  • Surface treatments & coatings
  • In blasting applications
  • Chemical processing
  • Paper scrap

ATEX approved dust filters for combustible dust such as

  • Wood dust
  • Flour dust
  • Powder dust

The benefits of choosing a Dust Extraction System

  • The circulation of fresh clean air in the workplace
  • More control of workplace hazards
  • Improved health and wellbeing on site leading to increased productivity
  • Limit of damage to machinery and goods

The key features of an Airmatic Dust Extraction System

  • Full package- many competitors only offer the dust collector and subcontract the rest
  • Can integrate into existing extraction system
  • Fabrication expertise keeps costs low
  • Turnkey package can streamline your supply chain
  • Follow up LEV Testing service available

Please call us on 0161 746 4004 to discuss your Dust Extraction System requirements.