Extraction Solutions


Any industry that alters a substance or material in any way will need to have correct ventilation and extraction systems in place, in order to provide employees with clean, non-polluted air. When a substance or material is altered, toxins, gasses and fibres become airborne, which can be hazardous for those working in the area.

The growing need for extraction solutions:

Having clean, breathable air in the workplace is a legal requirement in the UK. According to HSE legislation, and the Health and Safety at Work act 1974, employers must provide safe working conditions for their employees. For industrial factories, this includes a constant flow of fresh clean air in a workplace, due to the hazardous substances that are created during the manufacturing process.

Some of the most popular extraction solutions that Airmatic provide are:

Our skilled team of engineers have created various different extraction systems throughout the years for different applications and industries that create dust from wood, powder, and fumes and odour created from burning, melting and changing material in any way. Installing an industrial extractor fan will ensure safer working conditions, and also the circulation of clean, fresh air throughout the work space.

Various extraction solutions also reduce the need for excessive personal protective equipment, which is often uncomfortable and difficult to work with. This also reduces the number of workplace casualties, injuries and illnesses which are caused by respiratory problems, overheating and reactions to hazardous substances.

Health risks for industrial workers:

 Failing to provide fresh clean air in an industrial workplace can have adverse effects on employees. Air that is polluted with toxins, dust and fumes can lead to respiratory problems, weakened immune systems, ongoing chest problems and more severe ailments. Legislation dictates that an industry is responsible for creating any harmful airborne toxins and substances, and must therefore consider the best extraction systems to remove them. Providing safe, clean air, by installing an industrial extractor fan will improve workplace productivity and will make your employees much safer and happier.

How can Airmatic help?

Airmatic offers a wide range of bespoke extraction systems and solutions for different industries. These systems can be designed to extract numerous different pollutants, keeping the affected area safe work workers and in line with HSE legislation.

  • Dust Extraction
  • Fume Extraction
  • Odour Extraction
  • LEV Testing

If you are in need of an industrial extractor fan, or to receive more information on any of our bespoke extraction systems you can call us on 0161 764 4004 or email us sales@airmatic.co.uk to get a quote today.