Trim Extraction

Trim Extraction systems are designed to remove and extract scrap metal, plastic, paper trim and other hazardous byproducts of manufacturing processes.

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Types of trim
extraction solutions

Paper Trim
Can and other
metal trims

Why Trim

Trim extraction is required in paper, metal, and corrugated cardboard manufacturing. The scraps of paper, metal and plastics that separate during manufacturing create unwanted waste.

Manufacturers who drive to maintain high standards on site will look at a range of automated processes to remove these scraps. In addition, a secondary solution to acknowledge and rectify any health and safety issues relating to dust.

The challenges
of trim extraction

The design of ductwork systems to remove unwanted materials is tricky and requires innovation, skill, and expertise for successful development. We work alongside our end users and engineers to craft a suitable ductwork system that offers clean waste materials removal.

In the past, we have found it useful to combine our skillset whilst tweaking our systems upon installation. This is possible due to having our own on and offsite team, specialising in ductwork and fabrications. We are proud to have the means to offer total flexibility to our customers.

The benefits of choosing a
trim extraction system

Clean workspaces
and limited mess

Keep the area clean

Minimal waste
and downtime

The features of a trim
extraction system

On site manufacturing

Knowledge and experience in designing these difficult systems

Able to deal with other issues such as dust at the same time

Make sure you choose the
right DUST extraction system

Please call us on 0161 764 4004 to discuss
your dust extraction system requirements.

Our customers say it best

Project Director

Athol Cameron

I can say I was very pleased with the installation Airmatic did for us on our odour abatement project. The design of the system quality of ductwork and the installation was first class all delivered on time and on budget.

Our customers say it best

Project Manager

The Airmatic team excelled in the delivery of our Vapour Extract system. Their stainless steel extract system was expertly manufactured and installed to a high standard

Our customers say it best

Project Engineer

Gerry Maher

Can I compliment you and your guys for an excellent standard of work, it puts an existing system manufactured by others to shame. Thank you also for your efficiency in delivering as promised, I know where to go for any future requirements

Case Studies

Odour Extraction for Cargill:

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Odour Extraction for Orsted:

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Case Studies

Odour Extraction for Cargill:

Read case study View all

Odour Extraction for Orsted:

Read case study View all


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