Acoustic Attenuators

Attenuators are needed to reduce the noise in a variety of different ventilation systems. From building services HVAC systems to industrial discharge stacks, duct attenuators control noise. This includes noise on the inside of buildings and noise radiating outside to the surrounding neighbours.


Duct attenuator solutions are available in standard sizes and models, and we can help advise which range is right for your needs. We can also offer a bespoke design service and can advise on the correct bespoke duct attenuator for every situation.

Acoustic Attenuator Ventilation Solution (HVAC)

In heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, attenuators are often needed to reduce the noise from mechanical sources, such as fans and turbulent air flows. This will be used to ensure that the noise does not exceed the room’s specified noise rating (NR) level. HVAC duct attenuators are available in a range of sizes and models, both rectangular and circular, which can be selected to reduce noise to meet the NR levels.

Benefits of an HVAC Duct Attenuator:

  • Can be custom built to suit particular needs. This can include Melinex lining for use in hospitals, or Chlorinated rubber painting for use in swimming pools.
  • Reduce noise from mechanical elements in a system.
  • Can be selected to meet a project’s NR level and specified pressure drop allowances.
  • Can be constructed out of galvanised steel or various grades of stainless steel, depending on the application.
  • Can be custom built to suit particular needs such as Melinex lining in hospitals, or Chlorinated rubber painting for swimming pool applications.

Acoustic Attenuator Ventilation Solution (Industrial)

Industrial processes often discharge by-products out into the atmosphere. This can often generate high levels of noise, which can affect the surrounding neighbours and lead to noise complaints. When industrial attenuators are fitted, this will allow for continued discharge while reducing the noise.

Benefits of an Industrial Duct Attenuator

  • Can be designed to suit the needs of a system, including take off ducting and supporting steel
  • Will significantly reduce the levels of noise to meet environmental health requirements
  • Available in galvanised and stainless steel, depending on system requirements
  • Will reduce likelihood of noise complaints against your business

Acoustic Attenuator Details

At Airmatic, we provide both attenuator schedule matching for building services projects, in addition to the development of bespoke one off silencers for industrial applications such as discharge stacks. Our acoustic attenuators can be made out of galvanised and stainless steel and other types of material where it is needed.

Please call us on 0161 764 4004 to discuss your acoustic attenuator ventilation and duct attenuator requirements.