Paul Haywood – Design specialist and Business Owner

What is your role within Airmatic?

I founded Airmatic in 1998. I am a design engineer by background so in addition to running the business day to day with my partner Chris, I take on the role of design engineer and contracts engineer.

What’s your Background?

I started my career as a Draughsman and progressed to design. I have worked for a few different companies in that capacity before going into business for myself. I have around 30 years experience designing ductwork systems incorporating solutions to extraction dust, fumes and odour.

What are the typical air movement problems you’re asked to solve?

The range of issues is diverse. That’s essentially why Airmatic offer a unique service. We can attend a site with problems with dust, fume, heat and noise. Or we can also design a basic air movement ductwork system. We pride ourselves on offering solutions based services so in essence we could deal with most industrial companies. Some examples of our particular expertise are Odour Extraction in waste and recycling and Battery Fume Extraction in Folk lift truck charging stations. The list is endless.

What sort of Ductwork & Extraction solutions do you specify?

Again it’s diverse. The key area of our expertise would comprise of stainless steel ductwork, this is usually fully welded heavy gauge ductwork to deal with more industry requirements such as life longevity and corrosive elements in the air. We design a large amount of dust extraction solutions incorporating dust collectors, filters and fans. Generally our ventilation solutions are a mixture of manufactured ductwork components, spiral ductwork and fans.

Tell us a little about the type of clients you work with?

Our client base is really wide.  In the recycling sector for example, our clients can be anyone from the construction company to the maintenance manager on the site. Equally, it could be the specifier, consultant or even the council.  We happily fit into any part of the process – with expertise in odour control and noise reduction at every stage of the chain – whether that’s at commissioning stage or as a retro fit solution.

Where can Airmatic add value?

I think the scenarios where we can add the most value though are when we can go to a plant to assess the issue and build a bespoke solution to solve the problem.  Because we have a team that can provide an end to end solution for odour control and noise reduction – from assessing the problem, to designing a solution, building and installing it – we can ensure it’s a really seamless process.  This means both cost and time savings for the client, as well as a guaranteed result for noise and odour issues.

Do you tend to work on new build projects or retro fit?

We work on both sides.  We’ve found that lots of fairly new build recycling plants, for example, are turning to us when it becomes apparent that noise and odour control hadn’t been specified in the project at build stage.  They’re now encountering problems with the practical elements as well as facing the need to conform to legislation.  We are being approached much more often at commissioning stage now though – there’s a growing awareness of the need to address noise and odour control in particular.

Why would a potential client choose Airmatic over another competitor?

We offer a unique service that our competitors struggle to rival. This is due in part to our diverse range of experts. Our design capability has to be one of our greatest strengths – Design is a service that our competitors either struggle to offer due to skill or shy away from due to perceived problems. This skill means we can tackle complex issues that other companies shy away from. We also offer an unrivalled customer service, going the extra mile for customers attending sites and delivering items at short notice.