CHRIS TAYLOR – Business Owner

Expert in manufacturing and sheet metal fabrication

What’s your Background?

I started my career at the Co-op as a sheet metal worker. I then had a few similar jobs in the trade before starting my first company in the 1980’s.

How do you ensure Airmatic is at the forefront of developments manufacturing wise?

We constantly asses our manufacturing set up to ensure that we are maintaining both quality and value for money for our customers. In the past few years, we have invested a considerable amount in a Laser and Press brake amongst other things. We will continue to invest in quality and production with plans over the next few years to upgrade our computer technology and implement ISO 9001 quality standards.

Where would you say Airmatic excelled manufacturing wise?

I am biased obviously but I feel our stainless steel ductwork is some of the best in the Industry. In recent years we have really improved our manufacturing and now have state of the art synergic welding machines & coded welding operatives. Our stainless steel ducting is particularly good for the emerging waste to energy and general waste industries.

Where can Airmatic add value?

Our biggest asset in every aspect of our company is our staff. As result of the quality people we have here at Airmatic, we are able to add some fantastic value for our customers including;

  • Ability to turn around work on tight deadlines
  • We can turn or hand to most fabrications helping out customers with non standard requirements
  • The best people in the Industry looking after your project

Why would a potential client choose Airmatic over another competitor?

I’d like to think our customers come back time and time again because of the service. We have, over the years maintained the ability to grow and change with the market and keep the customer service aspect of what we do. This is a difficult task in our industry as the standard is so high but we constantly asses and improve our processes to meet the demand.

If you would like to speak to Chris about a quotation for fabrication or would like any further information about Airmatic’s capabilities, call today on: 0161 764 4004