Ventilation Systems

A good ventilation system allows you to achieve the best possible indoor air quality

A ventilation system, comprising of ducting, fans & filters helps to alleviate problems which affect the quality of air in the environment

These environments where a lot of fumes, dust, humidity or odours occur due to industrial process



Fresh, Clean Air in a workspace enables a more productive workforce.

The constant need for the circulated fresh air can be overlooked but its absence can cause a large rage of problems.

  • High PPE costs
  • Health and safety Issues
  • Employee complaints
  • Employee illness
  • Loss of production time

Ventilation systems enable you provide a high standard of indoor air quality by a series of different processes

  • Odour extraction
  • Humidity control
  • Dust and fume extraction
  • Heating and cooling
  • Heat recovery

There are various types of ventilation system

  • Natural Ventilation
  • Mechanical Ventilation

Benefits of ventilation

The benefits of good ventilation system which supplies a constant circulation of air through your factory or building

  • Constant supply of fresh air
  • Ambient temperatures
  • Dust and fumes removed
  • Lower spend on PPE

We can offer a fully bespoke service to suit all your ventilation requirements. We offer site survey, design, manufacture and installation. All Airmatic ventilation products are made to the highest standards by a highly skilled workforce with many years experience in design, manufacture and installation.

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