Acoustic Louvres

Acoustic louvres are needed when heat build up due to building services plant is a serious factor in design. An acoustic louvre will allow for a flow of fresh air needed for different plant, whilst also reducing the level of noise on the surroundings.

Our acoustic louvres come in a range of depths and styles, such as single or double bank and can be made to suit architectural needs. The acoustic louvres can also be polyester powder coated to any standard RAL colour.

Our capabilities include for the design and manufacture of small acoustic louvres to be fitted into doors, to full acoustic louvre compounds, which would be used to house building services plant.

Acoustic Louvres Solution (Small application)

Where a full acoustic compound is not required, or where size and design limitations mean that a full enclosure is not possible, small acoustic louvre solutions either as one off acoustic louvres, or acoustic louvre screens can be used to prevent heat build up, whilst reducing noise levels

Benefits of an acoustic louvre:

  • Effective noise reduction of plant.
  • Acoustic louvre can be designed with airflow requirements in mind.
  • Applicable to small screens on the outer perimeter of plant decks, or as in wall terminations to building air vents or plant rooms.
  • Can be made to any size, with varying depths.

Acoustic Louvres Soultion (Louvre Compound)

At aromatic acoustics, we have been involved in several projects in the design and manufacture of acoustic louvre compounds. These are full louvre surrounds, usually enclosing plant rooms, which house building services plant. The airflow requirements are needed to prevent heat build up, whilst acoustic design of the louvres is required to reduce the noise levels of the plant upon the surrounding neighbours.

Benefits of an acoustic louvre compound:

  • All round airflow prevents significant heat build up.
  • Acoustic treatment is effective in reducing the noise levels.
  • Applicable to any size of acoustic louvre compound, with any finish possible.
  • Specialist requirements like mitred corners can be added.

Acoustic Louvre Details

At Airmatic Acoustics we work to design and specify acoustic louvre systems that will give the required amount of attenuation whilst simultaneously meeting the airflow requirements of the associated plant. The acoustic louvres we offer come in a range of sizes and depths to suit your needs, with single-bank or double-bank designs possible. We can also polyester powder coat our louvres to any standard RAL colour to match architectural requirements.

Please call us on 0161 764 4004 to discuss your Acoustic Lourve requirements.