Acoustic Enclosures

Acoustic enclosures are designed to reduce the noise levels radiating from fixed plant in factories and industrial estates. The need to reduce noisy machinery is important in helping maintain an acceptable indoor level of noise at work, as well as reducing the environmental impact of outdoor noisy plant.


At Airmatic Acoustics we can offer full acoustic enclosure solutions as well as partial solutions, such as acoustic barriers, depending on your needs. Full enclosures work best in severely noisy environments and can be fitted with access points for maintenance and operation. Partial solutions such as acoustic barriers can work well in reducing direct impact noise on surrounding neighbours.

In addition to this Airmatic Acoustic can also offer acoustic doors, acoustic windows and acoustic booths, which all form part of our acoustic enclosure range. Available in a galvanised as well as stainless steel and can be finished by polyester powder coated to any standard RAL colour.

Acoustic Enclosure Solution

A full enclosure will offer significant reduction to the noise levels radiating from items of plant. This can be highly successful in reducing the background noise of all ready noisy environments.

Benefits of a full acoustic enclosure:

  • Significantly reduce noise levels typically between 15 to 50 dB (A) depending on the construction and design.
  • Help reduce indoor factory noise levels to conform to the Noise at Work Regulations.
  • Remove the need for mandatory PPE.
  • Can be design to suit a wide variety of plant and situations.
  • Indoor and outdoor installations, as well as painting available in any standard RAL colour.

Acoustic Barriers Solution

Barriers are required in order to protect commercial and residential estates from noise sources such as outdoor plant, rails and roads as well as finding useful application in industry both protecting the internal work environments, where full acoustic enclosure solutions are not practical.

Benefits of an acoustic barrier:

  • Available in any length from short indoor applications to long outdoor projects.
  • Significantly reduces direct component of noise levels from source to receiver.
  • Significant high frequency noise reduction.
  • Can easily be relocated for expanding areas.

Acoustic Enclosure Details

At Airmatic Acoustics our enclosures and made up of our acoustic panels and supporting steel work. The acoustic panels comprise of sheet steel, either galvanised or stainless finishes, perforated sheets and mineral wool infill. The enclosure can be designed to incorporate access such as removable panels and acoustic doors. In addition to this we can also include acoustic louvres if overheating of enclosed plant is to be an important consideration. We can also provide to polyester powder coat the final enclosure to any standard RAL colour.

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