Karl Mellor- Welding Specialist and Workshop Manager

What does your role as workshop manager involve?

As the workshop manager I’m involved from the start of the project, collecting the information needed to create a plan on how long the job will take and what work is involved to getting it to the finish line. It means that I work closely with all the Airmatic team, from those receiving the initial information, to those involved in the final stages of the project.

How has your role developed with Airmatic?

I joined the Airmatic team as an apprentice. It was a great choice for me as I have developed knowledge in multiple areas and understand how the workshop has grown and improved over the years. I’ve also built my skills along the way, perfecting my welding expertise and a strong team of welders who I believe to be Industry leading

Are there any aspects of your job that are tricky?

I get heavily involved in not only the manufacture, but the design and conceptual processes of the jobs we do.  This can be a pressured process- especially on more complex projects. I like to influence design from the beginning as I find manufacturing expertise really helps us win projects.

What’s a typical day at Airmatic?

No two days are ever the same it keeps everyone interested and nothing is ever mundane At the moment we are extremely busy with the Stainless Steel Ductwork and Acoustics projects- this can change week to week due to the diverse range of products we sell.

How does Airmatic stay ahead of the Industry in terms of quality and development in manufacturing?

We have invested greatly over the years in both equipment and training and we have a very strong team of experienced welders. They are coded to various specifications and have the use of various new welding equipment such as synergic welding sets. In addition to the welding capabilities we are one of the few ductwork companies to have CNC folding and Laser Cutting in house

What sets you apart from your competitors?

I would honestly say it’s the people. From the workshop to the office, mangers and subcontractors- we have got a great team of people who pride themselves in going the extra mile. We also invest greatly into improvements- we are always changing, developing and tweaking the company to pass on better service, quality and value to customers.


Airmatic differs from its competitors as it manufactures. How does that impact your potential and existing customers?

Having the manufacturing plant really sets us apart. Whilst manufacturing can be the most challenging part of the work, having it in house enables us to tweak and review the process throughout the project. This enables us to have control of the process end to end rather than deal with complex subcontractor and supplier relations. The manufacturing expertise also helps the design process ensuring an effective solution.